Deluxe Espresso Bar

Deluxe Espresso Bar

Deluxe Espresso Bar, 10 Kent Terrace, Wellington.

Deluxe Espresso Bar

The Deluxe opened in 1988 as a temporary café but proved itself a perpetual icon. Ahead of its time and originally a part of the Deluxe Theatre on Kent Terrace, it remains a popular place to drink coffee and people-watch. Longstanding Wellington residents remember the place as the Sweethearts Coffee Lounge.

Sitting on the edge of the central city it continues to push the limits of convention. The interior theme reminds many of the deli café's in New York. Close to the theatres and right next to the Embassy Theatre, it is a place to relax before or after a film or play. The Wellington Ukulele Orchestra practiced there over the summer of 2005-06 and has continued to do random sessions since.

The walls are decorated with interesting art works and the exhibitions change approximately every two weeks. The coffee machine and the Deluxe sign are works of art in themselves. The coffee is supplied by Havana Coffee Works and the range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods have always kept the customers coming back for more.


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