Departure of Maori soldiers, 1944

Mai Te Kapoterangi (holding child) and Turei Karaka (with cigarette) farewell Tei Tihi (second from left) and Kumeroa Te Kapoterangi (third from left) as reinforcements for the Maori Battalion depart from Rotorua in January 1944.

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Corrina Hubbard

Posted: 23 Dec 2008

Information about my Grandfather Arthur Hubbard who fought in the Maori War Batallion, he was from Rotorua, I have a ca lling to go see his grave site, would love more info if you can help me out please.


Posted: 18 Nov 2008

Hi Corrina Your best bet would be to order his personnel file - you can do this through Defence - see this webpage for information on how to do this

Corrina Hubbard

Posted: 18 Nov 2008

I do not have any information to add to this site, but I was wondering if you could help me track down my Grandfather who fought in the Maori War Battalion, & where possibly I would find his name on here associated with the war? His name was Arthur Hubbard from Rotorua. I hope you can help. Thanks.