Leeston war memorial

Leeston war memorial

Leeston war memorial, near Ellesmere, c1986.

Memorial todayMemorial todayMemorial todayMemorial todayMemorial todayMemorial today

Leeston memorial, 2010.

In addition to the main cenotaph there is a memorial tablet for those from Leeston township in the entrance porch of a building nearby, which is used as a community hall. It was the original District Council building (latterly the Library too, before it re-located) and the tablet records the names of three persons who may have been employees? Their names are repeated on the main cenotaph:

Memorial today

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Intersection Cenotaph Wreath, cross 19-Oct-1924 75

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queeny owen

Posted: 10 Mar 2017

Im researching george amos johnson ..... is his name on the memorial

Christine Brunt

Posted: 05 May 2013

Thank you for your kind offer Lloyd. Ihave since visited Leeston and got lots of photos.An interesting development from Belgium. The war museum there as randomly chosen Ewen Taylor to use as their NZ soldier. Google "The Belgiums will never foget".

Christine Brunt

Posted: 04 Jan 2012

I am researching my family history. Ewen and Annie (nee Manson) Taylor lost a son Ewen (know as Jack) in WWI. Rifleman 44169. Died 08/01/1918 aged 41. I would have expected him to be included on the Leeston memorial. Do you know why not? Parents lived in Leeston most of married life (1867) and both are buried at Ellesmere Cemetery. Jack was single. Thanks.

Lloyd Clausen

Posted: 02 Sep 2010

The Leeston Panel has been omitted I can supply a photo if you wish. Lloyd

Ann goulden

Posted: 11 Oct 2008

This memorial is actually in Leeston township which is south of Doyleson not borth as on your map. It is very prominant, being in the middle of the road and acting as a roundabout.


Posted: 25 Aug 2008

Hi Stephen Thanks very much for this kind offer - you can email us images at [email protected] or, if you prefer, post to: History Group, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, P O Box 5364, Wellington, New Zealand. regards Jamie Mackay www.nzhistory.net.nz


Posted: 25 Aug 2008

I have pictures of various Ellesmere mermorials etc. Willing to send them in if you give me details Thanks Stephen