Farriers at Zeitoun Camp

Farriers at Zeitoun Camp

A mounted rifleman in uniform and an Egyptian man sit among a group of farriers in the First World War military camp at Zeitoun, Egypt. The farriers are holding equipment for shoeing horses, including hammers and bars.

Small crews of farriers, along with other experienced horsemen and Egyptian labourers, were responsible for keeping the horses in top condition at Zeitoun while most of the NZEF were serving on Gallipoli. In November 1915, Farrier Sergeant William E. Hawke of the Wellington Mounted Rifles wrote home about the year he had spent caring for the horses in Egypt:

December 3rd will make up the 12 months for us here, and when we get to shift on is another question…. The horses are looking splendid, and are ready and fit, waiting for the time when they will be of use. We have shelters for protection from the sun, and the natives (one to every three horses) do the work of cleaning or exercising.


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