Feilding special constables depart for Wellington

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Detail from photo showing Feilding special constables at the railway station on their way to Wellington (click on thumbnail to see full image).

In most country areas farmers and rural workers strongly opposedt the strike, which they saw as threatening their livelihoods. They were therefore keen to volunteer as special constables. The situation was more complex in Feilding and other Manawatū towns. Here farmers and many labourers eagerly joined the specials, but large numbers of flax workers supported the Red Feds and the strike. The Manawatu Flax Workers’ Union was a member of the United Federation of Labour and held meetings at the Socialist Hall in Feilding. It did not go on strike, but did donate funds to help the strikers. Flax workers were also known to throw missiles at the trains transporting specials to Wellington.

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