Foot special's baton

Foot special's baton


Special constable’s baton, 1913. Gift of Mr George Goldie, 1971. Click on thumbnail for more information.

During the 1913 strike, unmounted special constables were recruited mainly from the cities. By early November, more than 800 of these ‘foot specials’ were enrolled in Wellington. Many were public servants, while others were business and professional men. They were used to guard wharves and government buildings.

On 7 November the Evening Post reported that a squad of clerks armed with ‘short stout’ batons were undergoing military drill behind the closed gates of the Government Buildings.

This is one of the batons issued to Wellington foot specials. After the strike ended, it was presented to Mrs Mabel Goldie in appreciation for her work cooking for the specials.

See this and other objects relating to the 1913 strike here (Flickr).


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Dean Burke

Posted: 25 Aug 2014

I have discovered an exact copy of this baton under my house in Hobson Street, Thorndon. It has the sterling silver band with "From the Foot Specials 1913 Strike". The timber is Rewa Rewa.