Franklin Memorial Hospital, Waiuku

Franklin Memorial Hospital plaques Franklin Memorial Hospital plaques

Franklin Memorial Hospital, Waiuku 

Franklin Memorial Hospital was officially opened in Kitchener Road, Waiuku, on 28 April 1923. This was a 'cottage hospital', funded partly by the Auckland Hospital Board and partly by public subscriptions, as a memorial to the men of Franklin who had served during the First World War. For many years it served as west Franklin's maternity hospital, but was converted into a geriatric hospital in the late 1970s.

For further information relating to this memorial building, see: 'District Hospital: Laying of Foundation Stone', Waiuku News, 7/4/22, p. 2; 'A Handsome Building: New Franklin Hospital', NZ Herald, 21/2/23, p. 12; 'Memorial Hospital: New Building at Waiuku', Auckland Star, 28/4/23, p. 5; 'The Franklin Memorial Hospital: History of Achievement', Waiuku News, 1/5/23, p. 2; 'Memorial Hospital: New Structure at Waiuku', Franklin Times, 1/5/23, p. 5.

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