Fuel Coffee Stop

Fuel Coffee Stop

Fuel Coffee Stop, providing takeaway coffee for those on the go. Cafe culture today depends less on the establishment and more on the quality of the coffee.

Coffee Beans

Most cafes rely on a blend of beans, each contributing to a perfect cup of coffee - aroma, acidity, body and flavour. Popular Wellington coffee brands include L'Affare, Mojo, Havana Coffee Works, Coffee Supreme, Revive, Emporio, People's Coffee and Fuel (Revolution). A connoisseur would use only Arabica beans, from trees that grow in cooler climates, but many blends are bulked out with the cheaper, inferior Robusta beans, that thrive in tropical temperatures. Ideally beans should be roasted that day and ground on the premises.

Espresso varieties:

The espresso machine has given birth to a whole range of coffees, whose arcane names help reinforce the exclusivity of the cult among the initiated:

  • Flat white
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Moccacino
  • Long Black
  • Short Black
  • Ristretto
  • Americano
  • Macchiato

Coffee may be further enjoyed by substituting milk with soy and enhanced by syrups flavoured with chai, caramel, hazelnut or vanilla. Coffee types and flavours are subject to personality and one is sure to find their required taste among the excess of 300 hundred cafes located in the central Wellington area.


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