German Crete veteran, 2001

German veteran Alexander Uhlig (1919–2009) pays his respects at the German war cemetery at Maleme, 2001. See comment below for information on his military service.


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Peter Scott

Posted: 03 Jan 2011

This man is Alexander Uhlig. Born 9 Feb 1919, died 2009. He joined 4th Battalion, General Goring Regiment in 1937. In April 1938 he was posted to 1st Company, 1st Parachute Regiment. After Poland in 1940 Uhlig joined flying personnel Special Purpose Bomber Squadron. He saw action over Crete in this. Joined 6th Parachute Regiment, and promoted leader of 8th Company March 1943. Won Knights Cross on 29 October 1944 at Carentan in Normandy.