Gilbert Mair

Gilbert Mair

A formal portrait of Gilbert Mair, possibly taken while he was a member of the Colonial Defence Force. Photographed by Hartley Webster, circa 1860.


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What do you know?

Colleen Neemia

Posted: 28 Mar 2021

He is my nana’s grandfather. My great great great grandfather. Sounds like he was a very special man.


Posted: 19 Jan 2021

This is a Family relative

Pieta Gilbert

Posted: 30 Oct 2009

Kia Ora Heta, you must be my relative...

Heta Gilbert

Posted: 12 Oct 2009

Yep this is my ancestor too. I plan to visit my Pakeha ancestors grave in Rotorua sometime.

Pieta Gilbert

Posted: 26 Jul 2009

This is my ancestor.