Gisborne war memorial theatre

Gisborne war memorial theatre

Major General Sir Harold Barrowclough formally opened the Gisborne and District War Memorial in Bright Street on 22 September 1957. The 15,000 square feet complex, designed by Gisborne architect Monty Glengarry, included an auditorium, offices and a supper room, along with the local RSA clubrooms next door. A roll of honour that listed the names of 474 men from the district who had been killed during the Second World War was unveiled in the foyer.

In 1975 the main building was refurbished and reopened as the Gisborne War Memorial Theatre. This has recently been upgraded again, and was formally reopened by mayor Meng Liu Foon on Anzac Day 2015.

The roll of honour is now displayed in the lobby of the RSA clubrooms. A smaller tablet listing names from Malaya, Korea and Vietnam has been attached. Outside the clubrooms there are also three marble tablets listing the names of volunteers from Poverty Bay who served in the South African War (these were transferred here from the Trafalgar band rotunda), a memorial corner containing the flagpole and a variety of commemorative plaques, and a fine specimen of a Gallipoli pine.

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