Gladys Goodall's sheepdog memorial

Gladys Goodall's sheepdog memorial

Gladys Goodall, Memorial to the sheepdogs of the Mackenzie Country, Lake Tekapo, 1967–8.

Gladys Goodall started her working life as a nurse, but at the age of 44 she threw that in and became a photographer. In 1960 she signed a contract with Whitcombe and Tombs to provide colour image for postcards, calendars and slides. She became a household name, producing numerous ‘Panorama’ books and around 1800 postcards.

For 30 years she travelled around the country helping to ‘define affluent post-war New Zealand’. Her photo of the memorial to working dogs in Tekapo is typical of her work: very much of an era, but lovingly created, with the time of year and people deliberately chosen to produce a pleasing – and saleable – image.

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