Greenhithe War Memorial Park

Greenhithe War Memorial Park

Greenhithe war memorial park Greenhithe war memorial park Greenhithe war memorial park Greenhithe war memorial park

The first Greenhithe war memorial was dedicated outside the Greenhithe community hall in 1948. It consisted of a concrete wall and archway incorporating plaques honouring five local men who had given their lives during the First World War, and three who had given their lives during the Second World War.

The Greenhithe Reserve in Roland Road, which had been established in 1929, but neglected for some years afterwards, was then redeveloped and renamed Greenhithe War Memorial Park. This was formally opened by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr S.W. Smith, in November 1957. The new memorial gates at the entrance to the park incorporated the plaques from the old memorial, which had been demolished.

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patricia Donnelly

Posted: 20 Nov 2020

lots of fond memories of playing here as a wee kid with my friends the silvester girls the rodical boys and Nancy Halmond i loved Greenhithe in the 60s that school was fantastic..

Melva Batistich

Posted: 09 Dec 2014

Hi Mitchell, Melva here, I well remember the wall and arch too, most distinct memory was Grandpa brandishing his walking stick at little brother Peter and I for climbing up and running along it, as the disrespectful little brats we were, hopped off pretty quick...

Bruce Comfort

Posted: 15 Oct 2011

Mitchell, the web page has close-up photos of only two of the obviously four tablets on these gates. Are you in a position to photograph the others for us? send digital photos to the address [email protected] Bruce Comfort for MfCH


Posted: 23 Mar 2012

Hi Bruce - happy to take photos of the tablets next time I'm in Greenhithe. No excuses as my daughter has moved into the area!

Mitchell Hutchings

Posted: 13 Oct 2011

My name is Mitchell Hutchings. I am the grandson of early Greenhithe settlers Sydney and Hazel Hutchings. As a child growing up in 1950's Greenhithe I was very familiar with the original memorial wall outside the "War Memorial Hall". At some point in the 60's or 70's (I'm not sure when) the granite wall and posts were demolished and their memorial functions transferred to a new brick wall at the "War Memorial Park" in Roland Road. This remains the current memorial. The men it names were known to, and regularly spoken about by my grandparents.