Group of Maori leaders c1908

Group of Maori leaders c1908

A group photograph of Maori leaders of Gisborne photographed about 1908. On floor (L-R); Henare Te Raumoa Balneavis, Henare Ruru, Timoti Maitai. Seated; Wi Pere (2nd left), Te Huinga (Lady Carroll, 4th left), Patoromu Ruru, Paora Kohu (1st & 2nd right). Standing; Idie Ferris (2nd left), Take Kerekere (right)

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Wiremu Taupara Ruru

Posted: 15 Dec 2020

Nga mihi o te wa, im a descendant of Ptoromu Ruru who is seating next to Lady Carroll in the center of the photo. He was married to Lady Tipoki and had 5 children.
I am a great grandchild of the 2nd oldest child who is Iwi (Bone) Ruru who married Ema Haronga. Most of our whanau come from the hapu of Te Whanau a Taupara, Ngati Wahia, Nga Potiki but can easily whakapapa to anothers within Te Aitanga a Mahaki and another iwi within Turanganui a Kiwa region.
My question: if you have any information on Koro Patoromu Ruru, that would be very helpfull. Thanks.