Haka at 42nd Street, Crete, 2014

Haka at 42nd Street, Crete, 2014

Haka at 42nd Street on Crete, 2014.

Leanne Tamaki referred to this image in a blog post about her journey to Crete in 2014 to attend the 73rd anniversary commemorations:

The whole journey was an exercise in ‘following in the footsteps of our ancestors’. A very poignant example of this was at 42nd Street, an olive grove in a little village on Crete. This is one of the sites where the Māori Battalion forged their fierce reputation. Roused to action and inspired by Hemara Aupouri, who started the tūtū-ngārahu (haka performed in the moment of battle) on the embankment, they killed 80 Germans, a third of the attacking force. As a tribute to this event our group did the haka ‘Ka panapana’ and ‘Ka mate’, led respectively by Hemara’s great-granddaughter Rhia and his close relative Tawhai Aupouri.

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