Hannah Rubina Wootton

Hannah Rubina Wootton

Hannah Wootton, a young Dunedin woman, became involved in the Otago Patriotic and General Welfare Association after the First World War broke out in 1914. Throughout the war years she canvassed the local community for funds in support of Belgium. Sadly her health soon deteriorated and in September 1918, following a long illness, Hannah died from tuberculosis. In 1920, Hannah was posthumously awarded the Médaille de la Reine Elisabeth (Queen Elisabeth Medal) for her fundraising efforts in aid of Belgium. Her mother received the award on her behalf.

Family information

Parents: John Wootton and Hannah Wootton (née Evans)

Born: 1891

Died: 10 September 1918, aged 27 years

Buried: Southern Cemetery, Dunedin

Obituary/death notice:

WOOTTON – On September 10, 1918, at Palmerston South, after a long and painful illness, Hannah Ruby, dearly beloved third eldest daughter of John and Hannah Wootton, of 65 Queen’s drive, Musselbrugh, Dunedin; aged 27 years. Deeply mourned. Sydney and Home papers please copy.
 'Deaths', Otago Daily Times, 11 September 1918, p. 4

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