Harihari war memorial gate

Harihari war memorial gate

Memorial gate Memorial plaque Memorial plaque Memorial plaque Memorial plaque Memorial tree

Hari Hari War memorial gate is located at the entrance to the Hari Hari cemetery. The gate has a plaque memorialising 11 locals who died during the First World War (P.B. Hende, J. Johnston, C. Shearer, F. Smee, A. Muir, J. Murphy, W. Burrows, Otto Hansen, M. Ferguson, Jens J. Hende, F. Bryant) and 4 locals who died during the Second World War  (J.E. Wall, A.C.K. Harper, A.A. Lindsay, O. Ures). It has also seen the addition of a river stone and plaque commemorating those who served during the Great War (est. April 25, 2015). The stone and plaque are located in the right hand corner of the gate. Additionally 11 oak trees which were planted as a memorial in 1920, have recently had white crosses with the names of the 11 First World War soldiers added. 

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