Herekino war memorial

Herekino war memorial

Herekino war memorial.

Information from Ross Beddows:

Herekino is about 25km southwest of Kaitaia following the Kaitaia-Awaroa Rd. The memorial is adjacent to the Herekino War Memorial Hall just prior to the Diggers Valley junction with the Kaitaia-Awaroa Rd. The Herekino Domain is on the other side of the memorial.

This memorial was erected fairly recently and unveiled on Anzac Day – I beleive 2006, but it may have been 2005. Prior to that the 3 tablets were set onto the front of the War Memorial Hall, but were deteriorating through age and the effect of the weather. Farther back I believe there was a stone arch at the entrance to the Herekino Domain (next door) and the 2 Great War tablets were set into that arch. Perhaps when the Hall was built following the Second World War the tablets were resited there along with the one commemorating WW2 casualties.

These are the names inscribed on the tablets (there are errors and I have given the corrections here in italics).

Great War 1914-18

  • Private Albert De Andrad
  • Private William Ford
  • Private Samuel Hodges
  • Rifleman William Robert Keay
  • Rifleman David Steele Keay
  • Private Gerald Massey Powell
  • Private Victor Ivan Powell
  • Corporal James Passell
  • Private James Joseph Frank Smith
  • Rifleman Nimrod Bendigo Fred Smith
  • Rifleman Frederick William Williamson
  • Private Frank Wiki

Second World War 1939-45

  • Private Douglas Clifford Benton
  • Private John Andrew Lloyd
  • Private Leonard Koha
  • Private Kupu Penewiripo
  • Private Maurice George Boughton Gordon
  • Gunner Eric Herbert Powell
  • Private Richard Ellis
  • Lance Corporal Raroa Leef

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Tangi Davan

Posted: 03 Oct 2011

Been living in Herekino for the last thirty three-thirty five years with my whanau...and have loved attending the Anzac Day at Herekino Memorial which is situated at Herekino Domain. It is great to see all the younger generation paying their respects to those that have fought and passed on. It is about rekindling those memories of people who have been to the war and the stories still living on after all these years. i would like to invite every one to the next Anzac Day