HMNZS <em>Otago</em>

HMNZS Otago, a Rothesay-class anti-submarine frigate, was completed in 1960. In 1973 it took part in a high profile protest over French atmospheric nuclear testing off Mururoa Atoll.

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What do you know?


Posted: 11 Apr 2019

Anyone got pics of otago crew 1976/76


Posted: 03 Apr 2019

Can I see photos of ships company from the 1970s of the otago


Posted: 22 Aug 2018

I'm looking for photos of ships company otago 76

Anthony Kennedy

Posted: 09 Mar 2017

I think you will find that HMNZS Otago's deployment to Mururoa Atoll was in 1973


Posted: 13 Mar 2014

Trying to get information on HMNZS Otago royal escort of HMY Britannia in 1982

Mark Longley

Posted: 26 Nov 2013

I served on HMNZS Otago between 1981 - 1982.
I'm trying to locate some photographs of HRH Queen Elizabeth visiting the fleets in Fiji of 1982. I was privileged enough to have been able to greet and shake with Her Majesty.
I've tried to contact the Royal Yacht Britannia Society but the could not give me specific information. Our captain was "then" Commander Eckford, who had taken over command from LTCDR Baldwin.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Posted: 14 Nov 2013

Hi Eric - I asked a shipping historian about this one and it looks like it was the same Otago - he says, 'Warships typically take several years to be 'built'. We ordered Otago and Taranaki in 1957. Otago was laid down 5/9/57, launched 11/12/58 and completed 28/3/60. She commissioned 22/6/60 and reached Dunedin 19/1/61.'

I'll update our caption to completed in 1960. Regards, Jamie Mackay

eric tarrant

Posted: 13 Nov 2013

Can you help? Eagle Airways in the UK in May of 1960 flew a crew from the HMNZS OTAGO to the UK to take back to New Zealand a frigate.
Were there two OTAGO's ?

Thanks for any help

allan pope

Posted: 25 Jul 2013

HMNZS Otago was commissioned in 1960 and sailed for NZ in November of 1960 on her maiden voyage.


Posted: 07 Mar 2013

Thanks, Hunter - I will remove the offending indefinite article from the beginning of the sentence. Regards, Jamie