HMNZS Waikato

HMNZS <em>Waikato</em>

The Leander-class HMNZS Waikato joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1966. It was the first New Zealand warship designed to embark a helicopter.

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Posted: 20 Mar 2015

March 1975 RNZAF Sergeants Macks and Cowell were awarded Helicopter Crewman Brevets on a deck ceremony on HMNZS Waikato, a first we were told. Photos were taken for archives but we were never given copies.
Captain was Commander Tobin,
Pilot Lt Peter Baldwin(Canadian),
Jossman Ross Lora,
Buffer W/O Jack Baigent (Newly re-instated rank).

I would greatly appreciate any photos available 39 years late.
With appreciation