Hook war memorial

Hook war memorial

Hook memorialHook memorialHook memorial

Hook war memorial in 2010.

The Memorial comprises a substantial Timaru Bluestone fence and wrought iron entrance gates with the gateposts incorporating two granite tablets engraved and decorated. The tablets are nearly illegible.

The memorial gates give access to a reserve and Soldiers Memorial Hall, which has in its grounds a separate small engraved granite tablet honouring pupils of the local school.

The left hand tablet reads: 'This entrance was built in honoured memory of those men of the Hook District who gave their lives while on active service in the Army and the Airforce in the world war 1939-1945' and is decorated with ferns in each corner.

The right hand tablet records the names of service personnel who were killed in WWII and it is decorated with crossed flagstaffs - the Union Jack and the New Zealand flag and a wreath.

The tablet reads:

"For King and Country 1939-1945 David S Barbour
George T Croft
Kenneth J Johnson
James B Johnson

They gave that we may live"


Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
  Hall   29-Aug-1922 9

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