Hunua and Paparimu Roll of Honour

Hunua and Paparimu Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour Lamp

The Second World War roll of honour on display in the Hunua hall lists 67 men from the Hunua and Paparimu districts who saw active service during the Second World War, seven of whom who were killed (K. Leitch, L.L. Millar, R.H. Nairn, L. Old, C.C. Schmidt, J. Wemyss and W. White); also W.H.D. Pollock, who was killed in a truck accident while serving in the Home Guard.

The hall itself is not a war memorial hall, but was opened in 1904 and was substantially altered between 1957 and 1962. The bracket that holds the light at the front of the hall is reputedly the surviving portion of a lamp that was donated to the community in 1907 by Mr J.T. Stembridge as a memorial to the late Premier Richard J. Seddon.

See: G. McDonald and R. Smith, Hunua School Centennial, 1976-1976, Hunua, 1976, pp. 11-4, 25; Ian Barton, Hunua: The Place and its People, Hunua, 2001, pp. 53, 71-4

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