Inside the gold battery near Waiuta

Inside the gold battery near Waiuta

The largest room in the battery building held the stampers, seen here at the top end, where camshafts lifted and dropped the heavy stamp rods. In the foreground is battery manager Jack McEwin, with sons Andrew and Ian behind, and aptly named assistant battery manager, Frank Orr, at right. All of this and the associated machinery was powered by water.

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Simon Nathan

Posted: 17 Sep 2008

Andrew McEwin, pictured above as a schoolboy, enlisted in the air force during World War 2. He was on a Stirling bomber which was shot down near Markelo in eastern Holland while returning from a bombing raid on Germany. On 23 June 2008 a memorial to the crew of the bomber was unveiled by the New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands. It bears the words "They gave their lives for our freedom". The memorial features the burnt-out engine of a Stirling bomber, and is alongside a walking path on the outskirts of Markelo.