Julius Vogel cartoon

Julius Vogel cartoon

This 1887 cartoon by William H. Reynolds shows former Premier Julius Vogel (as a kangaroo) being hounded to the edge of a cliff marked ‘Rack and ruin’ by dogs labelled Extravagance, Borrowing, Deficits and Protection. In the background are hunters on horseback. 

While today he is often regarded as a far-sighted nation-builder, Vogel was a highly controversial figure in his time. He was a lifelong gambler and speculator, with a love of society, food and wine; his private financial dealings, especially in later life, carried a ‘whiff of scandal’ that was only partly attributable to anti-Semitism.

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Charles Waddy

Posted: 26 Feb 2012

The fact that W H Reynolds was a member of Cabinet in the Stout-Vogel ministry of 1884-87 might add a certain something to the caption. WHR had the responsibility of representing the Ministry in the Legislative Council. It seems that he had time for other pursuits!