Kaikorai school war memorial

The original Kaikorai school war memorial.

Comment from Michael Broad (November 2007)

The memorial in this photo is not actually in Kaikorai Valley at all, but is situated in Tyne Street, Roslyn. Kaikorai Valley itself is away down the valley a kilometre away. Although the school is certainly Kaikorai Primary School, as there are no official suburb boundaries, and due to real estate marketing, people's perception, etc., this area once in the suburb of Kaikorai is now considered part of Roslyn.

The photo of the Memorial is sadly out of date. Some years ago in the era of earthquake danger hysteria, the 'powers' considered the archway likely to collapse, so it was decapitated. A change in roading meant that Tyne Street became a cul-de-sac, and the old "memorial archway" is now only a back entrance. The adjacent entry in Wright Street is now the main entrance. Because of this change of layout the existing marble memorial plaques were carefully removed from the old site and installed on a new memorial wall at the new entrance — Wright Street, Roslyn; see images:

Kaikorai war memorial

Remains of the original war memorial.

Kaikorai war memorial names

Kaikorai war memorial names

Kaikorai war memorial names

Kaikorai war memorial names

Google street view of the memorial

Names on the original memorial plaques (now no longer on the memorial).

SiteStyleOrnamentationUnveiling Date No of Dead
Beside roadArchWreath 111

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