Karioitahi school roll of honour

Kariotahi Peace Kariotahi Peace

The Karioitahi school First World War roll of honour was unveiled at the local school on 26 November 1920. It bore the names of 31 local men, three of whom had died. The roll of honour remained in the school both when the old building was replaced in 1930 and when the school was closed in 1968. The building is now used as a community hall.

Note: there have been many variant spellings of Karioitahi used over the years. The roll of honour bears the variant ‘Kariotahi’, while the school was usually referred to as ‘Kariaotahi School’. Karioitahi is the accepted spelling today.

Sources: ‘Kariotahi Roll of Honour’, Waiuku News, 30/11/1920, p. 2; Karioatahi School 80th Anniversary, Waiuku, 1959, p. 3.

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