Karori Cemetery memorial lychgate

Karori Cemetery memorial lychgate Karori Cemetery memorial lychgate

Built in 1921 and bearing the inscription "Peace with Honour", the Karori Cemetery lychgate has historic significance as a war memorial. It forms the entrance to a large open area with the headstones of war dead, making it a place of great symbolic and commemorative value to a large part of the community. It provides shelter and a place to sit in meditation.

The lychgate has aesthetic value as it remains prominently sited alongside the main thoroughfare of the cemetery, a good example of half-timbered construction. It is technically interesting for its exposed timber frame, neatly jointed in an Arts and Crafts manner, and it is authentic but for the roof sheathing which has been replaced with modern pressed metal tiles.

The nearby stairs bear the following inscription:
'Erected by the National Women's Reserve, Girls' Branch / Lest we forget / In Memory of those who fought and fell in the defence of the world's peace, 1914-1918'

Read more about the Karori Cemetery memorial lychgate on the Wellington City Council website.

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