Kerepehi Memorial Domain

Kerepihi Domain memorials Kerepihi Domain memorials Kerepihi Domain memorials Kerepihi Domain memorials

The Kerepehi Domain was developed as a community sports ground after the Second World War. In 1949 the community decided to rename it the Kerepehi War Memorial Domain. On 17 November 1955 a war memorial hall was opened in the domain.

Two bronze memorial plaques, donated by the local school committee, were placed on either side of the hall’s entrance. One reads: “In memory / of those who / served in / World War I / 1914-1918 / and / World War II / 1939-1945 / commemorated / also by memorials / graven not on / stone but on the /hearts of men.” The other has the following Māori text: “He kohatu / whakama / haratanga / tenei monga / pakeha / menga Maori / I mate iti / pakanga / ite tau / 1914-1918 / mete tau / 1939-1945”.

The Kerepehi roll of honour inside the hall is a wooden tablet listing the names of one local man who died in the First World War and 14 men who also served; and of five men who died in the Second World War and 44 who also served.

Sources: ‘Kerepehi’s New War Memorial’, Thames Star, 18/11/1955, p. 4; Hauraki Plains Story, ed. Rufus E. Tye, Paeroa, 1974, pp. 22-4.

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