Kuriheka war memorial

Kuriheka war memorial, c1986.

Memorial detailMemorial detailMemorial detail

The memorial in 2010.

The memorial, which was privately commissioned and erected by the owner of Kuriheka Pastoral Estate, comprises a large cairn (presumably concrete) surfaced with a variety of local boulder rocks, broken in half so the broken face is exposed. It is on one large concrete plinth and is surrounded by a heavy chain and posts and it is surmounted by and flanked by, artillery pieces. It bears a bronze memorial tablet, a wreath of olive leaves in bronze and a dedication plaque.

It is a memorial to "servants of Kuriheka" who fought in the First World War, so this will mean staff and workers on the estate.

The owner of Kuriheka, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Cowie Nichols, served in both the British and New Zealand Army and he died in 1954.

The memorial was erected in 1922, and it records the service of 83 persons and the death of 21 of those.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Park/gardens Gun Wreath 1922 21

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