La Vie Nouvelle, coffee bar

La Vie Nouvelle, coffee bar

La Vie Nouvelle, coffee bar at 116 Wakefield Street, Wellington, 13 October 1970.


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Posted: 06 Jul 2021

We used to hang out there on a Friday night didn't look like the photo though with all the tables, still my memory is a bit shady from those days

Tony Francis

Posted: 18 Jun 2016

When Youth For Christ gave up running the coffee bar on a daily basis I took over and ran it for two years and took over from Gordon. A friend and colleague Bob De Jong also helped me get it running he used to have the Greenstone Room. I sold the business before it was pulled down and now is the left hand corner of the hotel there now. There used to be Scripture Union Bookshop above us and Sauna behind that you went up the stairs beside the door to the coffee bar some good memories.


Posted: 31 Mar 2015

About 1976-78 I was a member of a choral group that used La Vie Nouvelle as a practice venue in the evening. An American lady ran the place and introduced chocolate brownie and real fudge sundaes to the menu. Whenever we performed at the town hall on the weekends we would visit as it seemed to be one of the few open on Saturdays in that area.

Jennifer Power

Posted: 22 Sep 2011

I know I'm the one at left table facing the camera - Jennifer Power. The one in front of me is my sister in-law Jennifer Quirke, and the one next to her, going by memory, they worked together. Name-can't remember.