Lake Tutira Memorial Church

Lake Tutira Memorial Church

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The interdenominational Lake Tutira Memorial Church was dedicated on 11 December 1954. The small but sturdy brick-and-tile church commands a fine view of the lake.

Inside the church is a marble tablet inscribed with the names of 18 men from the district who gave their lives during the Second World War: K. Anderson, J. Bowler, R. Bain, M. Bee, M. Boland, H. Burgess, L. Fletcher, R. Ferguson, H. Fraser, J. Halford, A. Harwood, I. Heays, T. Murphy, G. Paterson, G. Batholomew, D. McGlashan, F. Schdroski and A. Schdroski. A memorial banner on display is also embroidered with these names (although H. Burgess is omitted).

There is also a series of brass memorial plaques along the walls of the nave. One of these honours Alexander Mackay, who died on the battlefield in France in 1918; the others commemorate local returned soldiers.

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