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Le Quesnoy memorial


The Le Quesnoy Memorial is located on the inner ramparts of the town near where New Zealander Lieutenant Leslie Averill scaled the ladder on 4 November 1918. New Zealand sculptor Alex R. Fraser produced a model of the memorial, which was used by the French sculptor Félix Desruelles to prepare the actual memorial. This site was suggested by S. Hurst Seager, who designed the other three battlefield memorials.

Right from the outset, the New Zealand authorities envisaged this memorial differing from the obelisk style used elsewhere. It was unveiled at a ceremony on 15 July 1923 attended by Marshal Joffre, Lord Milner and the New Zealand High Commissioner in London, Sir James Allen. Set into the rampart, the memorial can be viewed from a position opposite, across the now empty moat. To its left is the narrow sluice-gate bridge, over which the New Zealanders moved to set up their ladders.


Image: Jock Phillips

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