The Learned Eleventh

The Learned Eleventh

Members of the ‘Learned Eleventh’ – a 20-strong group of New Zealand teachers selected to work in schools inside Boer concentration camps in South Africa. The group was dubbed the ‘Learned Eleventh’ by Acting Premier Sir Joseph Ward in reference to the 10 military contingents that had preceded them. The teachers left for South Africa on the SS Westralia on 4 May 1902.

The photograph above appeared in the Otago Daily Times, 14 May 1902.

Back row (left to right): Misses A.E. Orr (Westland); A.C. Preston (Westland); A.M. Donn (Canterbury); A.P. McLeod (Otago); E.M. Jackson (Southland)

Middle row (left to right): Mr F. De Castro (Education Department, Wellington); Misses H.F. Ladley (Nelson); M.J. Hay (Marlborough); M.E.K. Taylor (Otago); H.L. McLeod (Otago); M.A. Popple (North Canterbury); Mr P.G. Pryde (Otago Education Board)

Front row: (left to right): Misses J. Ralston (Otago); F.J. Davis (Taranaki); A.W. Arrow (Taranaki); D.E. Webb (Wellington); L. Kenrick (Auckland); A.M. Devin (Auckland)

Absent: Misses P. Ferguson (Hawke's Bay); M. Parker (Wellington); H.A. Guise (North Canterbury); A.L. Rees (Otago)

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