Little River war memorial

Little River war memorial, c. 1986.

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Little River war memorial, 2010.

The memorial comprises formal gates to the Reserve and Library at Little River.

The arched gate is made from multicoloured (Banks Peninsular) volcanic rock with some brickwork detail and is very Victorian in appearance. The First World War inscriptions above the gates are incised into grey sandstone or rhyolite blocks and highlighted in gold.

Black engraved granite tablets on the highway side record the names of 23 servicemen killed in the First World War and three killed in the South African (Boer) War. Two pedestrian gates and a set of carriage gates made from wrought iron complete the initial construction.

Originally constructed as a First World War and Boer War memorial and unveiled on Anzac Day 1923, the memorial has been modified in-situ to also become the Second World War memorial for the district. Black granite tablets on the Reserve side record the names of seven servicemen killed in that war.

Could anyone with information on William Johnson contact Chris Cooke (his great-nephew): [email protected]

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Sally Gabric

Posted: 16 Feb 2012

Hello. Sorry, my questions are only obliquely related to the war memorial. I lived for 20 years in Little River. My interest is questions about the doctor's house and a now vanished hospital that stood next to it on Council Hill. Can you help or do you know anyone who can? I know there was a maternity annex active during WWII Where a then Ngaire White became a mid wife but I would be interested in when the hospital was first established and in how that came about. Plus any other stories or information that can now be found. With much interest, Sally Gabric.


Posted: 11 Nov 2008

I have close-up phtos of the list of deceased if you would liek to add this to your site.