Mahoenui War Memorial Hall

Mahoenui War Memorial Hall

Mahoenui's First World War memorial was a flagpole erected at Mahoenui School. It was unveiled by Major-General Sir A. Russell on 29 September 1922, the same day that he unveiled the nearby Piopio memorial obelisk. A granite plaque inset into the flagpole's concrete base was lettered: FOR FREEDOM'S CAUSE. / ERECTED BY THE SETTLERS / OF MAHOENUI IN HONOUR / OF THE BOYS  FROM THIS / DISTRICT  WHO FOUGHT IN / THE GREAT WAR / 1914-1918.

After the Second World War the local community decided to erect a war memorial hall. This was opened by W.J. Broadfoot MP on 30 October 1954. The plaque from the school's flagpole was transferred to one side of the hall's entrance. Another plaque was added on the other side: THIS HALL WAS ERECTED / BY PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION / IN 1954 AS A MEMORIAL / TO THOSE BOYS OF THIS / DISTRICT WHO FOUGHT IN / THE SECOND WORLD WAR / 1939-1945.

The Mahoenui District First World War roll of honour, a wooden tablet which lists 12 names, is also displayed in the hall.

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