Major Westrup's camp, Kohangarearoa

Major Westrup's camp, Kohangarearoa

The camp of Major Charles Westrupp of the Forest Rangers at Kohangarearoa, near Manutuke, Poverty Bay, 1866.

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june crawford

Posted: 23 Feb 2017

Thank you Mike for this information. I was in Manutuke trying to pinpoint where the camp may have been. Obviously, the hillsides have alot more greenery today. It is a pity that this camp is not marked as one of the local historical places of events during the NZ Wars.
Thank you anyway Mike for your help.
June Crawford
Great great granddaughter of Major Charles Westrupp

Mike Leach

Posted: 06 Sep 2010

This photo seems to be taken from the modern Dunstan Rd area on the coastal (East side) of the Waipapa river looking SW towards Manutuke. The village seems to be where State highway 2 now runs through Manutuke. The camera is about 3km from the coast at this point. There is a close up of the village taken in 1865 (Alexander Turnbull Library, Charles Westrupp's Forest Ranger Camp) at the same camp showing 13 rather sorry looking rangers standing in front of 2 whares, 3 bell tents and 1 whare under construction with a 2m high strong pallisade fence in the background. In the distant background is the same ridge and line of trees. This photo shows the completed camp the next year.