Māori language petition, 1972

Māori language petition being delivered to Parliament on 14 September 1972.

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John McCaffery

Posted: 12 Jan 2012

The afro in the front of the picture is Lee Smith (Ngati Kahungungu). Lee was both a Te Reo Maori Society and an Auckland Nga Tama Toa member and a key link between the organisations. He worked with Dr Richard Benton on the Maori languages Survey and as a lecturer at VUW. He also worked for Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori/ Maori Language Commission as is largely responsible with Joe Te Rito,and Robert Pouwhare for telling the stories about the very origins of the struggles for the reo in education and broadcasting- Also in the photo withe afro on the the right behind Koro is Whaimutu Dewes, Koro's son and Cathyin the photo is Huirahi Waikerepuru,Rangi Nicholson,Roger Steel( now book publisher) Mere te Awa (Kaikohe), Rev Hakopa te Whata(Kaikohe), Bernie Kernot(VuW). Peter McLean( VuW, Jamie Schuster(Te Arawa) Maori Grads organisation in support of Te Reo Maori but not all present,some for obvious reasons as Ministry of Education staff; included- Tipene O'Regan,John Dayall?,Api Mahiika, Tamati Reedy, Turoa Royal,and others from the De Bretts Marae Poneke. The 1972 Language Petition was followed by the 1978 Broadcasting Petition .. more to follow

Marama Davidson

Posted: 14 Sep 2011

I've always thought that the man up the front with the long overcoat and the big afro - was Rawiri Paratene?

John McCaffery

Posted: 24 Aug 2011

This will be 40 years on the 14th September 2012 (which became the first Te Ra o Te Reo Maori) a very special occasion. As a founding memeber of the Te Reo Maori Society Wellinton, Victoria University, I am in this photo. Together with Hana Jackson (nee Hemara)and Nga Tamatoa we Te Reo Maori Society, collected the signatures and took them to Parliament. The work of Te Reo Maori is not well known as little has been written -and told about our activities in Wellington and until now most of the Petition work and the struggle for Te Reo has been attributed only to Nga Tamatoa which was based in Auckland.
Our kaumatua was in front - Te Ouenuku Rene (Joe) Ngati Toa Ngati Raukawa Rangatane Nga Puhi . He carries the patu of Te Wera Hauraki his Tipuna from Nga Puhi. to perform the "tuku toanga" over the petition. He was also known as the King of Durville being a direct descendent and paramaout chief of Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa.he lived ion th hill at Titahi bay behind Toa Rangatira marae and was a regular contributer to VUW and Te Reo Maori research activities on the history and settlemenyt of the Whanganui a Tara Wellinton area recored by student John McCaffery. Next to him is Koro (Te Kapunga Matemoana) Dewes Ngati Porou Horoera East Cape. Koro who died this year in 2011 was the Head of Maori Studies at Victoria in the Dept of Anthropology on Kelburn Parade. He was the primary source of inspiration for the Te Reo Maori Society which he supported and inspired all his life. Nga mihi nui ki a koe e Koro.Central to Te Reo Maori history in the front of the photo also is Cathy Dewes, her tane Rawiri Rangitauira (Te Arawa lawyer) Whaimutu Dewes, Joseph Te Rito (Ngati Kahungungu), Rangi Nicholson Ngati Raukawa, Rev Hemi Potatau (Ngati Kahungungu but lived at Taupo his wife's tribe. ..... Next to Hana in the fornt is Lee Smith from Te Reo Maori and Nga Tamatoa -he takawaenga a Lee I will send down a copy of the photo with all the others names on asap Please remind me

Paora Tibble

Posted: 14 Sep 2010

Aroha mai, I have a question. What was the date of this photo?