Matakawau war memorial hall

Matakawau War Memorial Hall Matakawau War Memorial Hall

A framed text on display in the hall provides the following information: “The Matakawau war memorial hall in Āwhitu was opened on 21 October 1950 by Hon. W. Bodkin, Minister of Internal Affairs.

Mr R.J. Hunter donated ½ acre for the site. The hall was built with locally milled timber, voluntary labour, and free cartage all from this district. Total project cost approx £3,000. (Chairman: Mr Hatton; Secretary: Mr Lindsay Sergeant)

On 28 April 1955 the hall was vested in the Council and received a War Memorial subsidy of £1,473.1s.8d.

In 1981 the new supper-room, kitchen and toilets were built, financed by Public Donations and voluntary labour. Cost approx $35,000. (Chairman: Mr Keith Hamilton; Secretary: Mr Peter Clark)

In 1991-2 the hall was rebuilt. Major construction completed by contractors, and the finishing by volunteer labour. Total cost $ 139,788.

Reopened 13 June 1992, by Mr. Max Short, Mayor F.D.C. (Chairman: Mr Malcolm Miller; Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs Barbara Sergeant; Manager: Mr. Peter Sergeant)."

The hall contains the Awhitu district rolls of honour for both the First and Second World Wars. The First World War roll of honour has been transcribed from the roll of honour on the Awhitu First World War memorial cenotaph at Awhitu Central, although with the correction of one name (from Hocking, E. to Hocken, E.) The Second World War roll of honour was originally unveiled in the Awhitu Hall on 25 April 1948, but later transferred to Matakawau. A plaque honouring service in Vietnam is also on display.

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