Maungaturoto Memorial RSA

Maungaturoto Memorial RSA

The Maungaturoto sub-branch of the Otamatea RSA was formed on 28 September 1945. The members soon decided to erect memorial clubrooms. These were formally opened on 7 August 1954. A memorial plaque in memory of those killed in action in the two world wars was unveiled at the same time.

The club also displays the ‘Otamatea District Roll of Honour: War Service Since 1945’. This lists eight men who served in Japan and three men who served in Korea (including one who served in both), four men who served in Malaya, two men who served in Vietnam, and one man who served in the ‘Navy’ (theatre unspecified).

See: Dick Butler, This Valley in the Hills, Maungaturoto, 1963, pp. 340-1; ‘History of the Otamatea RSA’, 1999 (Matakohe Kauri Museum: 1999-365-1-5)

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