Maungaturoto rolls of honour

Towards the end of the Great War the Maungaturoto Patriotic Association began gathering names for a district roll of honour. It initially proposed building a memorial cottage hospital or a technical school to house this, but on 27 September 1918 Frank Mander MP formally unveiled the Maungaturoto and District First World War roll of honour in the Maungaturoto public hall. The elaborately carved wooden tablet listed the names of 88 servicemen from the area, 16 of whom had given their lives (the Maungaturoto memorial cenotaph honouring the latter was unveiled in the Congregational Church cemetery on Anzac Day 1920).

After the Second World War another similarly constructed roll of honour was installed in the hall. This listed the names of 79 men and two women (Sisters I.C. Healey and C.I. Petrie) who had served, eight of whom had given their lives.

The rolls of honour were later installed in the Maungaturoto Centennial Hall, which opened in 1963.

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