Motueka trooper memorial

Motueka trooper memorial

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The Trooper Tarrant memorial on the Motueka Quay. The memorial was unveiled on 8 July 1903.

Motueka’s South African War memorial is one of the nine nationwide which also celebrates the coronation of King Edward VII. At its base there is a marble tablet dedicated to Trooper Leonard M. Tarrant of the 1st New Zealand Contingent, who died of enteric fever on 15 April 1900 at Pretoria. Trooper Tarrant is also honoured on the Nelson memorial.

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Gwyn Rees

Posted: 09 Jul 2017

This memorial has now been restored and was rededicated 8 July 2017, 114 years afer its original unveiling. Happy to supply photos to update this site.

Anne McFadgen

Posted: 12 Dec 2014

It's not clear exactly when it happened, but at some point the original marble commemorative tablet was removed, perhaps because of ongoing vandalism at the Old Wharf site. This original Tarrant tablet is currently incorporated with the Motueka War Memorial. It seems that when the Motueka War Memorial was shifted in 1957 from outside what is now the Motueka Museum on High Street to its current site on Pah Street it might have been decided to add the Tarrant tablet to it.

There are moves under way at the moment to have the Tarrant Memorial restored. See story below:

David Wilton

Posted: 02 Sep 2013

We regard Leonard Tarrant as a Coromandel man, as he was apparently living and working there at the time of his enlistment (see However, we're aware that he had other affiliations, and strongly support the initiative outlined below, to restore the memorial. Happy to collaborate on this: email [email protected]

(Coromandel Heritage Trust)

Gwyn Rees

Posted: 15 Jan 2013

Hi,I have recently moved to Motueka Quay and I am trying to collect information on the memorial and ascertain the authority responsible for the maintenance/ownership of the memorial. The reason for this is that I would like to manage a project to restore this run-down memorial (including relocating the original tablet) to a condition that is appropriate for such a significant historic place.

I would be grateful for any information you may have to assist or provide information that could help me in scoping this exercise.


Posted: 27 Sep 2011

Phil - this doesn't seem to be mentioned on the NZHPT page for the memorial, though some of the sources they reference might have more information.

Phil Beattie

Posted: 27 Sep 2011

What happened to the original memorial tablet for Trooper Tarrant? The one in this photo appears to be a modern facsimile, and quite a poor one at that. It has been re-worded and obviously has some issues with capitalisation (N.z.?). This plaque certainly wasn't unveiled in 1903 - more like 2009! The original one should be reinstated in my view.