Mt Dasher Station memorial

Mt Dasher Station memorial

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Memorial plaques on the entrance gate posts to Mt Dasher Station, inland from Ōamaru.

The plaques are dedicated to two brothers who were killed in the First World War.  Gunner Douglas Orr Mitchell died on 17 Aug 1917 in Belgium while serving with the NZEF.  William Lyle Mitchell died on 6 October 1917 in Belgium while serving with the Australian Infantry Force (AIF).

Another brother, Robert Spencer Mitchell, landed with the AIF in Gallipoli on 25 April.  A week later a gun shot wound required his left arm to be aputated, after which he was sent home.

The brass plaques themselves were originally attached to crosses which stood in front of memorial oak trees located on Georgetown-Pukeuri road. Oak tree memorials for First World War soldiers were planted in 1919 and were distrubted throughout North Otago. See an example of one of the memorial crosses at Maheno

Douglas and William also appear on the Otekaieke war memorial.

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