Muriwai Marae Memorials

Muriwai Marae Memorials

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Muriwai Marae’s newly restored World War I Memorial Hall houses two First World War rolls of honour. One is a framed photo board that lists 15 men from the area who were killed in action or who died abroad: Lieutenant G. H. Black, Lance Corporal T. Carroll, and Privates T. Apatari, W. Baker, R. Pohatu, T. Ruru, P. Te Hau, R. Wairau, H. Waiti, T. Kara, T. Matenga, [?] Faulkner, M. Renata, P. H. Waaka and H. Hape.

The other is a wooden tablet that lists 29 men who also served: E. R. Black, C. H. Williams, H. C. Williams, K. Te Hau, R. Waipara, W. Waaka, R. Dunlop, R. Kara, N. Karepa, Tawheo Matenga, H. Ngarongione, H. Pohatu, Mahu Pohatu, J. McEwen, Mita Pohatu, Tauranga Pohatu, Turoa Pohatu, Piki Pohatu, E. Pohatu, B. Porou, R. Renata, P. Riki, R. Ruru, G. Tapiha, W. Tamehana, A. Tipuna, Wi Waaka, H. Tautuhi and P. Te Riri. (One name is common to both the roll of honour and the boards: T. Matenga.)

Across the road is the wharekai, Maungarongo. Opened on 12 May 1946, this is the marae’s Second World War memorial. It houses a dedicatory tablet and two rolls of honour mounted in carved frames. One roll of honour lists the names of eight local men from who gave their lives: Billie Adair, Matenga Sonny Baker, Alan [Allan] Calcott, Claude Ehau, Pera Te Kauru Kemp, Ned Pohatu, Pene Mataora Tawiri and Honihana Joe Wyllie (these names are also listed on the war memorial gates at Muriwai School). The other lists what are described as ‘Their European comrades’: Lieutenant P. J. Murphy, RNZVR; Lieutenant T. L. C. Williams; Lieutenant [-] Foxley, Fleet Air Arm; Sergeant G. R. Black, Sergeant S. R. Murphy, Private G. Foxley; R. Foxley, Merchant Marine; F. Faulkner; I. Faulkner; D. Morice.

There are two further rolls of honour in the World War I Memorial Hall. One lists 27 Ngā Uri O Tāmanuhiri men who served in 28 Maori Battalion during the Second World War and six who served in the Air Force. The other lists local men who served in J-Force, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

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