Nūhaka School memorial gates

Nūhaka School memorial gates

Nūhaka School memorial gates

War memorial gates were opened at Nūhaka Māori School after the Second World War. Granite tablets set into the concrete gateposts were inscribed respectively IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO SERVED THEIR COUNTRY and E HINGA ATU ANA HE TOA E TUMAI ANA ME TOA.

At the time of unveiling, Nūhaka had two primary schools, Nūhaka Public School and Nūhaka Māori School. The two schools amalgamated on the latter school’s site in 1962. A well-attended commemorative service had been held at the memorial gates on 9 December 1961 (Nuhaka School, 1898-1998, Wairoa, 1998, p. 80).

Nūhaka School today preserves not only the memorial gates but also a First World War roll of honour. This is a wooden tablet headed FOR HONORS CAUSE [sic] which lists the names of five men “From our school” and seven men “From Valley [School]” who served during the war. “Our school” probably refers to Nūhaka Public School; “Valley” probably refers to Morere School (fl. 1899-1926), but perhaps also includes Tangitere School (fl. 1909-1925), which shared a teacher with Morere for some years.

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Elaine Nairn

Posted: 07 Sep 2022

HI, my father attended Nuhuka School in 1922, I wonder if you have any information on the school for that time and photos of the pupils.

His name was Norman Hugh JEFFS

Thank You.