New Zealand military base in Singapore

New Zealand military base in Singapore

This 1975 aerial photgraph shows Dieppe Barracks, the base of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (1RNZIR) in Singapore.

1RNZIR was relocated south from Terendak Camp in Malaysia to Singapore in December 1969. At first they were stationed at Nee Soon Garrison, but in June 1971 they were moved to Dieppe Barracks. New Zealand maintained its battalion in Singapore until 1989.

Before the 1RNZIR took over the site, Dieppe Barracks was the home of Number 40 Royal Marine Commando. The presence of British military bases in Singapore was one reason for Indonesian President Surkano’s hostility towards Malaysia, which, during part of the Confrontation period, incorporated Singapore.

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Posted: 24 Oct 2023

Hi I am looking for IAN W BOULTON an warrant officer teaching in NZ camp in Singapore during the 80

Malia McLellan

Posted: 05 Apr 2023

Looking for anyone who was a part of the 1964-1965 Assault Pioneer Platoon (support company), 1st Bn RNZIR.
Grandfather is Pte G.R McLellan, looking for more information about the time spent overseas.

Anthony White

Posted: 14 Oct 2022

Any photos of jungle training from.1977/79?


Posted: 27 Aug 2021

Are servicemen that served in Singapore in the 70s classed as returned servicemen


Posted: 02 Feb 2021

Sorry I just posted before lookkmg for my dads army mates to let them know he has passed away. But I forgot to mention my dads name..

Rakino Kingi from NZ..
IRNZIR Transport Platoon
SINGAPORE 1979-1983

Again would love to hear from any replies..

02102624726 NZ
00642102624726 International



Posted: 01 Feb 2021

Kia Ora

I am looking for my dads army mates who were part of the
IRNZIR Transport Platoon
Singapore 1979- 1983 .

I want to let them know that he has passed away and service will be held via Zoom this;
Thursday 4th February NZ time.

I have pictures of his army mates not sure how I can share so as to find you all.

Please contact me on;

02102624726 NZ
00642102624726 International

Look forward to any reply.

Thanks Toi

Brian Green

Posted: 16 Sep 2020

I wish to contact Brett Bestic......C.O. of the Battalion in the 80's. Brett and I were referees in Singapore.............Brian Green


Posted: 11 Aug 2020


Tana Haerewa

Posted: 03 Jul 2019

Hi Christin I served with your dad 1982 83 as an Assault Pioneer in Singapore

Clive Fremlin

Posted: 12 Jun 2019

Hi Christina,
Yes I know your dad Mike Kennedy. We served together overseas with 1 RNZIR in 1971