New Zealand Special Air Service soldiers in Malaya

New Zealand Special Air Service soldiers in Malaya

New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers with a Bristol Sycamore helicopter of the Royal Air Force. Photograph taken by a New Zealand Army photographer during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960).

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Stephen Kelly

Posted: 10 Feb 2014

Malaya 1955–57
Further information: Malayan Emergency
On 20 November 1955 the NZSAS Squadron departed from New Zealand and after completing parachute training in Changi, Singapore, a 133-strong NZSAS Squadron was attached to the British SAS in Malaya. After undertaking jungle training in the rugged mountains of Perak, the Squadron went on to spend approximately 18 of the 24 months it was in Malaya operating in the jungle against communist insurgents.
SAS operations in Malaya consisted of going deep into the jungle, locating local people and moving them for their protection, then seeking out terrorists in the area and 'destroying' them. From 2 April 1956 when the New Zealand Squadron became operational it was deployed to the Fort Brooke area, bordering the states of Perak and Kelantan. From late 1956 the Squadron operated in the 'mountainous' area of Negri Sembilan, between the towns of Seremban, Kuala Pilah, and Tampin. In both locations the squadron was involved in successful operations eliminating the local Malayan Races Liberation Army groups. During the two year tour New Zealand patrols were involved in 14 separate engagements with the enemy, killing fifteen, capturing one and taking the surrender of nine others.[5] The Squadron suffered two fatalities. On 2 May 1956 while patrolling, Trooper A.R. Thomas was fatally wounded, and on 11 May 1957 Corporal A.G. Buchanan died of heat stroke while on patrol. The Squadron returned home in December 1957.

John Jennings

Posted: 07 Sep 2009

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john jennings

Posted: 28 Nov 2008

Hi , I was att: to the 13/18 hussars Ipoh North Malaya , July 1959 , we went on ops , and spent a month in tents on the Gapis rubber Estate just south of tiaping , we had some Australian Armoured core men att: to our unit who bought a armoured saloon car off a rubber estate manager and used our scammel to lift the armoured shell off . All the best John Jennings Ex R.E.M.E.