Ōhingaiti First World War memorial

Ōhingaiti First World War memorial

Ohingaiti war memorial.

Ohingaiti memorial

Ōhingaiti war memorial in the mid-1980s.

SiteStyleOrnamentationUnveiling Date No of Dead
IntersectionSquare obelisk 26-Nov-192216

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Shirley RussellAnonymous

Posted: 13 Apr 2022

ANZAC Service .2022
An ANZAC Dawn Service is to be held at the Cenotaph, Ohingaiti this year, 2022 as it is 100 years since the building of the Cenotaph. This will be a first formal service for many years. Many many years ago my husband James remembers coming to an ANZAC Service at 10 am .We have continued to lay a wreath along with the Hunterville RSA and other familiies in the community.

Shirley Russell

Posted: 19 Feb 2014

The Ohingaiti Memorial Hall Committee is hosting a Ball and a service on the 26th April,2014 to remember theses heroic men.


Posted: 19 Feb 2013

Hi Richard, thanks for this. Though I think you'll find it was 1916, not 1919? Here is his service record: http://muse.aucklandmuseum.com/databases/Cenotaph/14948.detail? We'd definitely be interested in see the postcard - if you wanted to get it scanned and send it to [email protected] we can add it to this page. Regards, Jamie Mackay

Richard Stent

Posted: 19 Feb 2013

I am directly related to Richard Stent (last name on the memorial) who died in 1919 aged 19 years (Somme, France). My parents told me I was named after this person - obviously we never met. I have an old postcard from 1922 from before there was no memorial hall.


Posted: 08 May 2008

The Ohingaiti Memorial Hall pictured to the right in the photo obviously getting a new coat of paint has a special room where all the soldiers from the District have their photos on the walls. We used to be able to stand beneath the photos and pick out all the those that were among us. Sadly that is no longer possible so when we have a function we like that they are well remembered and those with their names on the Cenotaph as well.