Ongaonga First World War Memorial

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The Ongaonga (or Onga Onga) First World War memorial, a granite obelisk mounted on a stepped concrete base, was dedicated on 25 April 1922. The statue of  a soldier was added several years later, as were the gates leading to the memorial reserve.

It lists the same 25 men as on the  nearby Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd. They are: Percy C. WilsonNoel Shippard,James A. LittlejohnRoland W. GuySamuel F. FletcherRupert CollinRichard T. PeersArthur KnightAlbert E. PetersArthur  J. Evans, John W. Petersen (Peterson), Percy R. CarrEdward PersenLance W. HardyAlfred W. Jury, Joseph TuckerArthur SymonsHarold J. FletcherEiner PedersenOswald HobbsGeorge Pitt, J. Connery, J. ConnollyJohn Crosbie and N. Hamilton

 After the Second World War, a granite tablet with a further three names was placed at the base of the obelisk.

See: Malcolm Ross, Rangeview: Memories of Ongaonga, ed. Elsa McDonald, Ongaonga, [2010], 149-50.

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