Orepuki war memorial

Orepuki war memorial, taken c1987.

Orepuki memorial Orepuki memorial Orepuki memorial

Orepuki memorial, May 2008.

Orepuki memorialOrepuki memorial Orepuki memorial names

Orepuki memorial inscriptions, 2013.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2015

Very good video on the Orepuki War Memorial by David Dudfield: "For One's Country: Fallen Soldiers of the Orepuki War Memorial" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbTY3aUfjGQ

"This documentary commemorates the 54 men on the Orepuki Memorial Gates. These men came from Orepuki and districts (including Tihaka, Colac Bay, Wakapatu, Round Hill, Pahia, and Waihoaka), Made for the 150th anniversary celebrations of Orepuki. Written and produced by David Dudfield." -- from the A Moment of Your Time youtube page.