Ormondville railway station

Ormondville railway station

Ormondville station in southern Hawke’s Bay, built in 1880, is one of a handful of early wooden rail buildings that have been preserved thanks to community efforts. Since the closure, in 2001, of the region’s last passenger service, the Bay Express, the station has offered ‘unique boutique accommodation’ for tourists.


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Dennis Eichert

Posted: 02 Dec 2016

I grew up in Ormondville, and, as a boy, used to stand at the north approach and talk to the Locomotive Engineers standing at the north end departure area - I never dreamed that later in life I would be a part of the rail Industry myself prior to redundancy in 2010.
Ormondville holds a lot of memories for me, all good - I loved that small place and would live there again - still, my memories are now sepia colored images, a little burned and worn around the edges, but still give me great pleasure as a boy, and will always hold a place in my memories.

Ms Susan Heremia

Posted: 12 Sep 2016

Train station still looks the same . Pity it is closed , Why is there no trains running , this train connects to other towns . it's been years since I left here . I loved this little village . I do wish I hadn't left .